Youth in Excellence Program

Ridge Archers FL is committed to sharing our love of archery and the outdoors with the youth in our community. While some of our youth participation is a result of family memberships, we seek to further extend the experience to kids that may not have the opportunity to explore the world of archery in their current environment. We partner with youth organizations in our community to provide safe, educational and fun archery events that allow them to enjoy healthy competition and gain an understanding of the importance of hard work, discipline and sportsmanship.

Our Youth in Excellence Program extends to all youth archers through skills-based competitions, workshops, coaching and mentoring opportunities. In addition, we will select at least one competitive youth archer each tournament season to represent Ridge Archers FL. This sponsorship will provide equipment, pay association and registration fees, provide private coaching and cover costs that would otherwise make archery unaffordable for them. Candidates for sponsorship must go through an application process and must meet academic & conduct standards.

As a non-profit, we are reliant on the generous support of businesses in our community to fund this program. Our program will be reviewed annually to determine sponsorship levels and adjusted as necessary based on corporate donations. All sponsorship details will be published in advance of application process. 2023 Youth in Excellence applications will be available in November.