Ridge Archers follows ASA Archery Federation General Rules and Guidelines for our events. Visit for more information.

Open Class Equipment Rules for Adult, Young Adult & Youth:
May use any compound or recurve bow, sight, release, stabilizer or equipment unless specifically prohibited in any other part of these rules or by a ruling of the Competition Committee. ASA reserves the right to review any equipment / accessories and determine its suitability for competition. The following equipment / accessories are prohibited in all classes: (1) broadheads or any other point or tip not intended for target use; (2) retaining mechanisms which allow the bow to be mechanically held in the drawn position (except crossbows); (3) laser sights or devices; (4) devices or any outside agency (including stabilizer bar or prop stick) that allows the mass weight of the bow to be relieved from either arm while shooting or that allows for steadying the bow with any part of the body other than the bow hand. Ridge Archers retains the right to waive certain equipment restrictions or shooting rules under specific circumstances for physically challenged competitors.

Fixed Pin Class Equipment Rules for Adult, Young Adult & Youth:
– fixed pins, no pin limit. Movable sights may be used, but must be locked down into a fixed position that will be verified by the group prior to competing. Magnification is not permitted in any 30 yard fixed pin class, but is permitted in all 40 yard pins classes. Clarifiers or verifiers in the peep are not considered magnification and are permitted.
Stabilizers – A front stabilizer or a system including quick releases, enhancers and/or weights may be used, but may not exceed twelve inches (12”) in total length from the tip of the stabilizer (or system) to the point of attachment on the front of the riser provided by the manufacturer.  A rear stabilizer or a back bar system (V-bar) may be used with no restriction on bar length.

Bow must be either recurve or longbow without wheels or cams.  No release aid, no sights, a single stabilizer up to 12” in length measured from the point of attachment, no overdraws, no draw checks, must have one finger touching the arrow nock, and must use one consistent anchor point.  No marks on the sight window, string, or bow to use as an aiming or judging reference. All arrows must be identical in size, weight and construction.

Olympic Recurve:
Bows must conform to the World Archery definition of a Recurve Bow as found in the World Archery Rules, Book 4 (Field and 3D Archery), Chapter 22, Sections 22.1 thru

 Barebow Recurve:
Bows must conform to the World Archery definition of a Barebow as found in World Archery Rules, Book 4 (Field and 3D Archery), Chapter 22, Sections 22.3 thru

Youth Classes: The competitors in the following classes must meet the posted arrow speed limit and exhibit proper bow control while drawing their bow.

Junior Eagle:  Must be accompanied by an adult and must be able to draw their bow under control and without undue difficulty. If in the opinion of the Range Official they are having difficulty drawing and controlling the bow, they shall be required to decrease the poundage to allow them to properly draw and shoot the bow regardless of arrow speed to be able to participate.

50 Yard ClassesStake ColorMax YardsSpeed Limit
Known 50Black50yds290 fps
Semi-ProBlack50yds290 fps
Senior Known 50Black50yds290 fps
Women’s Known 50Black50yds280 fps
45 Yard ClassesStake ColorMax YardsSpeed Limit
Men’s Open 45White45yds280 fps
Men’s Known 45White45yds280 fps
Men’s Pins 45White45yds280 fps
Senior Men’s OpenWhite45yds280 fps
Senior Known 45White45yds280 fps
Women’s Open 45White45yds280 fps
Women’s Known 45White45yds280 fps
Crossbow 45White45yds330 fps
40 Yard ClassesStake ColorMax YardsSpeed Limit
Men’s Known 40Red40yds280 fps
Men’s Open 40Red40yds280 fps
Men’s Pins 40Red40yds280 fps
Super SeniorRed40yds280 fps
Super Senior KnownRed40yds280 fps
Senior MastersRed40yds280 fps
Senior Masters KnownRed40yds280 fps
Senior PinsRed40yds280 fps
Women’s Known 40Red40yds280 fps
Senior Women’s KnownRed40yds280 fps
Young Adult Open Male (15-17)Red40yds280 fps
Young Adult Open Female (15-17)Red40yds280 fps
Young Adult Pins Male (15-17)Red40yds280 fps
Young Adult Pins Female (15-17)Red40yds280 fps
CrossbowRed40yds330 fps
30 Yard ClassesStake ColorMax YardsSpeed Limit
Women’s Pins 30Blue30yds280 fps
Men’s Pins 30Blue30yds280 fps
Barebow RecurveBlue30yds280 fps
Olympic RecurveBlue30yds280 fps
Young Adult Olympic Recurve (15-17)Blue30yds260 fps
Young Adult Barebow Recurve (15-17)Blue30yds260 fps
TraditionalBlue30yds280 fps
Youth Open Boys (12-14)Blue30yds260 fps
Youth Open Girls (12-14)Blue30yds260 fps
Youth Pins Boys (12-14)Blue30yds260 fps
Youth Pins Girls (12-14)Blue30yds260 fps
Youth Olympic Recurve (12-14)Yellow25yds240 fps
Youth Barebow Recurve (12-14)Yellow25yds220 fps
Eagle Open Boys (9-11)Yellow25yds230 fps
Eagle Open Girls (9-11)Yellow25yds230 fps
Eagle Pins Boys (9-11)Green20yds220 fps
Eagle Pins Girls(9-11)Green20yds220 fps
Eagle Barebow Recurve (9-11)Green20yds220 fps
Junior Eagle Open (6-8)Orange15yds220 fps