May 3-D Shoot

May 3-D Shoot

We want to congratulate the winners of our May 18th 3-D tournament

Men’s known 45:
1st- Jay Pskowski
2nd- Brent Gandy
3rd- John Withem

Sr Open:
1st- Ric Lyons
2nd- Dale Keene
3rd- Frank Gandy

Men’s Open A:
1st- Nathan Henderson

Men’s Open C:
1st- Tom Alfonso

Men’s Hunter:
1st- David Alfonso
2nd- Jim Haff
3rd- Blake K

Men’s Traditional:
1st- Ron Sumner
2nd- Bryan Finder

Woman’s Know 40:
1st- Dani Edelmann
2nd- Debbie Atkins
3rd- Janna Bianchi